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We manufacture only the highest caliber products.

Here at Greenville Ready Mix we offer a variety of concrete strengths, admixtures, and extras that allow us to produce some of the very best concrete available on the Rhode Island market. That’s because our concrete is made with the highest quality aggregate in the state.

We manufacture only the highest caliber products because our quality control standards are high. Our goal is always to deliver value, with integrity and dedication to helping you get the job done right. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.

concrete truck pouring concrete

Our Concrete Products are available in 4 different strengths in a variety of admixtures.
5 yard minimum

Now Available!

We can match ANY existing color from ANY manufacturer, AND have it ready for you at a moment's notice!

Ready Mix Color Chart  |  Stamping Release Color Chart  |  Mortar Color Chart

ready mix concrete

Ready Mix Concrete

  • 2500 3/4
  • 3000 3/4
  • 3500 3/4
  • 4000 3/4
concrete grout


  • 3000 3/4
  • 4000 3/4
eastern coastal pump mix concrete

Eastern Costal Pump Mix

flowable fill concrete

Flowable Fill

admixtures, fiber mesh


  • Fiber Mesh
  • 1% Daracell
  • 2% Daracell
  • 1% Polarset/Pozz20
  • 2% Polarset/Pozz20
admixtures, interstar pigments and colors logo

  • Interstar Ready Mix Colors - Call for pricing
  • Interstar Stamping Release Colors - Call for pricing
  • Interstar Mortar Colors - Call for pricing
pea stone


  • Pea Stone
  • Heat (Nov. 1st - Apr. 15th)
  • Washout (Coloring)
  • Saturday Delivery
  • After Hours/Holidays Available
  • (Call for Pricing)

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